The future of casino games – Max Quest

Hi and welcome to! We are always trying to keep ourselves, and thereby you, up-to-date with news regarding online casinos. We have seen more and more brands launching and soon it is 2019. This year we are expecting even more than we have done so far. Graphics and animations are getting even better due to better technology and the opportunity for most parts of the world by having a good internet connection. This is also shown among the games. Betsoft Gaming has for a long time been among the absolute best game providers when it comes to graphics. Now they have taken it one step further.

With Max Quest: Wrath of Ra, you will get a casino game you have never seen before. It truly is a mix between a classic slot game and a high-technology video game. Get down to Ancient Egypt and play among your friends to reach the big treasures.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra – About the game

This game is different from all other games, why you don’t get bonus spins or other kinds of spins. However, along with up to five other players, you get to kill monsters and find your way through the catacombs in your quest to find the big money. For each and every monster you kill and the further you get in this game, more rewards are coming your way. You will receive different quests, rated from 1 star to 5 stars. The higher the star, the tougher the quest – and the higher rewards of course. Also, gain experience points (XP) to become better as a player. There are also treasure boxes to find for upgrading your weapon. You and your friends will fight through different rounds. After each round,  you might get awarded to play a God event. Winning this will also get you even bigger prizes and points.

max quest online casinos

This is just some of what you can expect from Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. Go to your favourite online casino today and try Max Quest for yourself – the future of casino games is already here!

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