November 2018

Soon it is November and the best month for bonus spins in the UK. It is very exciting to see what this month can offer you as a player in the United Kingdom. During this year casinos have finally learned to use the term bonus spins instead of free spins so it is becoming easier for each day to look for this type of bonus. Below we list a few casinos that historically have been provided with the best bonuses in the month of November. If you find a better bonus that we do not list here, please contact us. It would be highly appreciated.


LeoVegas is a company that is famous for spending all of it earning to put into marketing. This year we do not expect any differences. They are focused on growth and want to become on of the biggest casino operators out there. If you do not already have an account on LeoVegas you can be really happy. If you sign up in the month of November you will be able to get some of the biggest and most competitive offers that you will ever see. Often there is a matching bonus combines with bonus spins. Make sure to read the bonus terms and condition. The condition is often very favourable for the players but they are getting more and harder to claim. This is mainly due to higher taxes and other overhead costs that force operators to remake their bonuses so they can get a better return on their investments.

november 2018 bonus spins mrgreen leovegas

Mr Green

This is another casino that has historically put a lot of money into growth. Mr Green is maybe better to sign up in December but November is for sure the best or second best month to start playing here. You will get a big matching bonus together with bonus spins. Just go to their casino sites to check their latest bonus offer. We especially like Mr Green because they are the casino operators that put the most money into responsible gambling or green gambling as they call it. Quite innovative and a good mentality. Overall we think that casinos are doing a better and better job in the UK to follow rules and regulations to get fewer people in the UK gambling addicted. If you or anyone you know have problems please contact someone that you help.

Now, if you are ready. Go and have some fun. Pick a big bonus from any of these two growth machines and start your casino adventure today.

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